The Technology

At the heart of SafePackage solution is our hybrid, patented, cloud-based software system that utilizes Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Programmable Rules Engine technology to classify and detect non-compliant goods based on publicly available product information.

Machine Learning

By utilizing our proprietary machine learning algorithms, the SafePackage system is capable of identifying tens of thousausands of e-commerce products and use that information to correctly decide whether the item is violative or not.

Computer Vision

The image recognition and computer vision technology are the core of the SafePackage system. The SafePackage is able to accurately detect a wide spectrum of popular trademarks, brand names, logos, copyrighted material and even patents on product images.

Rules Engine

In order to keep up with ever changing rules and regulations, the SafePackage system uses our proprietary programmable rules-based decision making engine which is carefully maintained by the team of our customs compliance, IPR violation and transportation experts.

Seamless Detection

SafePackage accurately detects a wide array of customs-related issues with the product/merchandise within seconds, including:

  • Potential IP infringements
  • Goods subject to FDA, USDA, DOT, CPSC regulations
  • Goods subject to IATA transportation regulations
  • Other US importation law issues

Simple API Integration

In most cases the SafePackage system is able to automatically obtain the neccessary item information from the provided item URL, thereby simplifying the integration process and eliminating the need for a shipper to do so during the screening phase.

Fast, accurate and scalable

The SafePackage screening system is a robust cloud service that allows for high speed, accuracy, scalability and reliability standards critical to your operational success. The SafePackage system is:

  • Fast - It takes only a second to decide if the merchanidse is compliant or not
  • Accurate - The accuracy is comparable to that of a team of highly trained data screening professionals
  • Flexible - Can adapt to any change in regulations
  • Scalable - Can easily handle any volume with predictable cost
  • Reliable - Guaranteed 99.9% uptime